New Factory Direct Chillers for Sale, Rental or Lease

Specialty Refrigeration is your equipment provider for New Factory Direct units manufactured brands, such as Carrier, Trane and York. Chillers are offered for Sale or Long Term Lease.

Carrier chillers offered:trane350

  • Air-cooled Scrolls: 15-55 tons
  • Air-cooled Screws: 80-500 tons
  • Water-cooled Screws: 300-500 tons
  • Water-cooled Centrifugal: 200-1500 tons

Trane chillers offered:

  • Air-cooled Scrolls: 20-120 tons
  • Air-cooled Screws: 140-500 ton
  • Water-cooled Screws: 60-450 ton
  • Water-cooled Centrifugal: 170-3950 tons

York chillers offered:

  • Air-cooled Scrolls: 15-175 tons
  • Air-cooled Screws: 150-515 tons
  • Water-cooled Screws: 200-675 tons
  • Water-cooled Centrifugal: 250-6000 tons

All units are designed from the factory with standard outdoor duty electrical panels. Specialty Refrigeration can upgrade equipment to Stainless Steel panels and coated coils, if required. Electrical systems can be upgraded to meet Class 1 Div 2 or Class 1 Div 1, if required.