Over 40 Years of Experience in Meeting Your Commercial & Industrial Equipment Needs

Specialty Refrigeration & Equipment was formed in 2006. Our goal is not just to provide equipment for industrial and commercial applications, but to provide the RIGHT equipment for our customers. What sets us apart from other companies that sale equipment, is we take the time to learn exactly what our customers’ require, and we provide that for them. We EXPECT our customers’ satisfaction, and we stand behind our equipment because we believe it’s not just equipment, it is more than that. It’s providing excellence, consistency, trustworthiness, and reliability.

Specialty Refrigeration and Equipment will strive to meet the equipment needs of our customers. In addition, we have the expertise needed to complete the job precise from start to finish. Whether it is providing Chilled Water units for office buildings, Low Temperature Refrigeration Systems for Process cooling to Vapor Recovery we are your equipment solution company.

From the moment Specialty Refrigeration is contacted to discuss your equipment needs, we make sure to learn and understand the exact requirements for your application. It is our policy that our customers receive the appropriate equipment.

This means that with our expertise, we make solving your Industrial and Commercial challenges easy and exact.

While other companies offer “just equipment,” Specialty Refrigeration offers new and re-manufactured equipment for Sale, Rental and Long Term Lease. As well the technical know-how and support before, during, and after the sale.

Contact us and make Specialty Refrigeration and Equipment your Equipment Solution Company today.